Clean Rooms


Clean Rooms

Mark Engineering Inc. has proven to be one of the leading Clean Rooms Contractors in the region since its incorporation.Mark serves the best clean rooms in Gurgaon and empowers these industries with the vast benefits from the innovative construction solutions. Lightweight construction and durability are the prime benefits offered by the top clean room supplier company in Gurgaon and the other beneficial features.

Expertise Team

We have team of expertise in the air-conditioning contracting field is our core competence which makes us unique and always the first choice among our clients.

Project Management

Mark is proud to have a well-equipped and efficient maintenance team, who are equipped to trouble shoot and preserve any kind of clean room services.

Service System and Quality

We offers 24/7 assistance with quality of work for any breakdown or cessation so that our clients shall always stay cool.


Mark Engineering Inc. is certfied company with certificate for Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and maintenance of clean rooms Projects.

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